It’s like Desk and Treadmill got together on a blind dinner date.

It went well so they decide to spend the next Saturday together.

At the end of the day Treadmill invites Desk home, breaking her 3-Date rule.

And they made love all night, multiple times.

They see each often, but Desk refuses to “define” their relationship.

A couple days after Treadmill’s first missed period she get’s tested.

She calls Desk and tell’s him she’s pregnant with his baby.

Desk is actually excited and asks Treadmill to marry him.

As Treadmill Desk grows up he finds fitting in to be difficult.

There aren’t any other biracial families in their town.

But Desk and Treadmill taught Treadmill Desk to be proud of both his heritages.

(via Walk at Work: Treadmill Desk Could Make You Envy of the Office [REVIEW])